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5 Principles Of Building Muscles

It’s quite easy to find tips on building muscle. They’re all over the Internet, in workout videos, in fitness magazines, and even in gyms and diet books. To simplify things, this article emphasizes only 5 ideas which are core principles if you’re looking to bulk up easily and quickly. If you use these and make them parts of your active lifestyle, you’ll build muscle like you didn’t think was possible. The 5 main principles include eating properly, sleeping appropriately, doing progressive overloading, honoring hormonal balancing, and being mindful of the importance of intensity.

1) Eating Well

Eating the right diet is the first of the 5 items on this muscle building list. There’s a reason for this. Well, actually, there’s two. First, even a weak workout routine is going to add muscle when the meal plan is great, and second, the best workouts in the world won’t add an ounce of lean muscle tissue to your frame if your nutrition stinks. Proper eating for bodybuilding involves eating 20 calories for every pound of your body weight.

Most of these calories need to come from protein sources such as milk, eggs, beef, fish, and chicken. Supplements also help. The remainder of your calories should be provided from high-caliber carbs and oils. You also need to get a good spread of minerals and vitamins along with plenty of water. What you put in yourself is what you’re able to work out and then become, so this tip is the most important of the five.

2) Getting Appropriate Sleep

You’ve likely heard that sleep is when your muscles grow. You might even consider that ancient knowledge. Well, it might be ancient, but it’s also right. You need to get your rest when you’re trying to generate muscle. This is when the body heals, repairs, and then grows, and if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re only healing and repairing and not growing. In fact, sleeping too short might only mean healing without repairs, so you could be tearing yourself up. This also matters greatly to maintaining hormonal balancing.

3) Use Progressive Overloading

Not familiar with the term? It’s really just a sophisticated way of saying that over time you should do more than you did before. This simple action is what can get your muscle fibers to tear, and that triggers muscle growth. It’s a simple enough adaptation. You push your physique into doing more than it used to, and it changes to that it can meet future demands placed on it.

4) Understand Hormonal Balancing

How your muscles grow is very contingent upon the hormone levels present in your blood. What you truly want is high levels of testosterone. Some try and get this done through steroid use, but don’t fret, there are many ways to boost testosterone levels without using steroids. IGF-1 is short for Insulin-Growth-Factor-1 and it’s a hormone you probably couldn’t ever get enough of. Insulin and cortisol join other hormones in playing critical roles either for or against your muscle building. You need to know where your hormones are at, and blood-testing at your doctor’s office can tell you a lot.

5) Honor Intensity

The intensity of your workouts is what really matters. That can be done in many ways, be it intense attitude, fewer breaks between sets, more weight, more sets, or more reps. Any and all of these will increase the intensity overall. Intensity is what tells your body that it’s going through something crazy, and it needs to wind up doing something about it. That something should be more muscle mass, more energy, and more metabolism. This pairs with progressive overloading.

As was stated earlier in the introduction, you can find muscle building tips, ideas, advice, and wisdom in many different places, almost to the point of overload. However, it’s not your mind you want overloaded, it’s your muscles.

Use the 5 core principles presented here regularly in your life, through exercise, diet, and rest, and you’ll start padding your lean frame with more muscle mass than ever before.