Best Protein Powder for Ripped Muscle

If you get your fitness fix by pedaling the pavement, doing cardio or lifting weights, consuming lots of protein helps to repair damage and rebuild muscles for a leaner, stronger body. Increasing your protein intake is quick and easy using a whey powder protein shake. So if you are looking to build a leaner, stronger body, you may want to consider getting the best protein powder for ripped muscle such as the one we recommend below and provide your muscles everything they need to grow.

What Exactly is Whey Protein?

Whey is the left over liquid from the curdled and strained milk in the cheese making process. Whey in its powder form is one of the most sought after sports nutrition products because of its effectiveness, cost and availability. It is absorbed and is rapidly digested into your digestive system quickly going into the bloodstream and then into your muscles. This helps with the recovery process after a hard workout. You can find whey in four different forms, all of which contain high amounts of branched chain amino acids which are important elements for repairing, and rebuilding the muscle damage that can happen by working out.

Why Use Whey Protein?

Aussies, if you are taking part in any kind of exercise program, regardless whether it’s based on endurance training, cardio or weight lifting, you will benefit from more protein than the UK government’s recommendation of 55g each day. It’s simple to increase your daily protein intake using whey based protein shake rather than trying to get it through food intake. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are just supplements and it is still important to consume the majority of your protein from white and red meats and fish as they also provide the essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins for overall health.

Four Forms of Whey

The four forms of whey are hydrolysate, isolate, native and concentrate.

Hydrolysate whey is partially hydrolysed and pre-digested which means during the production process water is added breaking down the constituent compounds making it easier to digest, but also increases the price.

Isolate whey is processed to remove lactose and fat. However, this makes it lower in health boosting bioactive compounds.

Native whey is the purest form as it is directly extracted from skimmed milk as opposed to being a cheese by-product. It is very low in bioactive compounds, lactose and fat.

Concentrate whey is higher in levels of bioactive compounds and a carbohydrate from lactose; the same sugar found in milk products and is usually lower in fat then the other forms.

How Much Whey Do You Need?

Research has shown that the ideal amount of whey to help initiate muscle protein synthesis and repair muscle damage is about 30g. Also, studies have shown that a high protein diet helps to reduce body fat giving you not only bigger muscles and strength, but you will be much leaner as well.

Best Time to Take Whey Protein

Your muscles need it the most post workout. You can start the recovery process by drinking a whey protein based shake mixed with milk or cold water about 30 minutes after working out. The recovery process will flood your bloodstream with amino acids which go into your muscle cells where they lay down as new muscle tissue.

Although taking whey after your workout is the most effective for muscle recovery, you can take whey other times as well. For example, add a banana or egg to your favorite flavor.

The Best Protein Powder for Ripped Muscle

We recommend Growth Factor Lean Growth Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) as it is the purest protein available. The way it is processed allows all the peptides and immunoglobulin’s to remain intact. Other WPI formulas do not break down protein in the lower intestine and stomach as they do not contain the enzymes needed to do so.

Growth Factor’s WPI has a full array of immunoglobulin proteins, bioactive peptides and amino acids. It is also fortified with L-Glutamine which quickly increases muscle repair and growth while it prevents muscle tissue breakdown during intense workouts.

Why Growth Factor Lean Growth Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)?

  • 94.1% dry weight the highest quality whey protein
  • Full array of amino acids
  • L-Glutamine added
  • Great mix ability
  • High in bioactive peptides
  • Immunoglobulin proteins

How Growth Factor WPI Can Benefit You

  • Muscle building increases
  • Fastest digesting protein, the most bioavailable
  • Maximum recovery with added L-Glutamine
  • Taste great

best protein powder for ripped muscle

Get the best results with the best protein powder for ripped muscle with Growth Factor Lean Growth Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). Only the highest quality of fast digesting whey protein isolate that gets you great results by providing your muscles all the nutrients needed in the fastest amount of time.