Best Protein Shakes For Men to Gain Muscle

The human body needs protein as it is the body’s main building blocks.

Protein has many important functions such as making various molecules, skin, organs, enzymes, hormones, tendons and neurotransmitters.

They are also the building blocks of the contractile elements in the muscles. That is why you should find the best protein shakes for men to gain muscle.

Protein is put together from amino acids, smaller molecules linked together similar to beads on a string.

Essential amino acids are supplied by the food you consume while other amino acids are produced by the cells from your body.

The best types of proteins are the ones that provide all 9 essential amino acids and whey protein has it all.

A whey protein concentrate appears to be the best option overall.

It retains just about all of the nutrients that are beneficial naturally in whey. It contains fat and lactose which makes it tasty and the preferred choice.

Although the concentrate is the most popular choice, keep in mind whey protein isolate is an option as well.

Effects on Muscle Mass and Strength

The main purpose of whey protein is to increase strength and muscle mass. It’s popular among bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes as well as for those looking for improvement in their workouts.

Whey Protein Promotes Strength and Muscle

  • Building Blocks: Amino acids and protein serve as building blocks and whey provides just that.
  • Hormones: The release of anabolic hormones is increased which stimulates muscle growth such as insulin.
  • Absorbs Fast: Other types of protein do not absorb and utilize as fast as whey protein.
  • Leucine: This amino acid is very much present in whey which stimulates muscle protein synthesis at the genetic and molecular level.

Muscle growth from using whey protein is most effective taken right before, during or after working out; whereas muscle protein synthesis maximizes after workouts. What is most important for muscle growth is the total daily intake of whey protein.

Many studies have shown that whey protein can help increase muscle and strength and also lose a serious amount of body fat.

Whey is much more than just protein as it provides many beneficial nutrients that have impressive biological effects.

Promotes Weight Loss and Improves Satiety

Protein is known to help with weight loss as it boosts energy causing people to eat fewer calories each day. Using whey protein is not only a great way to increase protein intake, but at the same time has many benefits for losing weight.

When you combine weight lifting and whey protein you can lose weight while increasing lean muscle mass.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Other beneficial nutrients contained in whey protein such as immunoglobulins, alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin and beta-lactoglobulin make it so much more than just a high quality source of protein.

A number of other health benefits such as reduction of depression and stress, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure are provided when using whey protein other than just leanness, strength and muscle.

It is also know to protect the body from cancer, decreases symptoms of hepatitis, improves immune function in HIV patients, increases the life span of mice and increases bone mineral density.

Cysteine, an amino acid is very present in whey protein. This amino acid mediates many of these health benefits. It aids in these benefits by raising the levels of the main antioxidant substance in your body’s cells, which is glutathione.

The Best Protein Shakes for Men to Gain Muscle

The best whey protein option for bodybuilders is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. You probably have heard of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, especially if you have wanted to achieve a muscular, well toned body. Doing some research to get all the facts is a great way to determine if this product is right for you. So here are some facts that can help you decide.

What Exactly is Gold Standard Whey?

It is a nutritional supplement that is protein based made from milk extracts, which we already know are rich in protein. Gold Standard contains 90% protein, however it is a supplement and should not be a substitute for food sources.

Here’s What Gold Standard Can do for You

If you workout, you are probably looking for ways to increase muscle mass, burn fat and maximize your workouts. Because this product is so rich in protein it helps to build and repair muscle fiber. As you workout muscle can tear and they should be able to heal so they can grow. Protein enriched supplements help speed up this process. You will build muscle more effectively and recover from workouts much faster. Manufacturers recommend taking this product post workouts for maximum results to repair muscle fiber. You don’t have to include this supplement on days you do not work out.

Does it Work?

The ingredients of this supplement have been scientifically proven do get results. Gold Standard Whey is no accident in being the best protein shakes for men to gain muscle. Take a look at the feedback and customer reviews from the bodybuilding community. They suggest that this product really does work.