How to Build Lean Muscle for Females

In the first instance, it must be made clear that men and women do differ in their basic makeup or constitution. Men are easy to bulk up with muscle as compared to the women, and this has to do with the higher levels of testosterone present in their bodies. But it would be wrong to consider that all is lost in the quest for women to build up a lean muscle structure. It must be stressed that for the women, it takes more effort than the men to get to build any form of muscle and this would apply to the lean fiber types too.

The Need to Lose Fat to Prepare the Body Better to Build Muscle

The ladies are usually endowed with a body structure that is high on the fat content. The very nature of their bodies makes it so, and it could be due to the roles of motherhood that sort of needs this constitution. When building lean muscle tissue and more when there is the need to present the well-built body, the extra fat in the body would get deposited between the folds of the overlapping muscle groups. Not only does this look ungainly but it reduces the excellent work done to build up the muscle structure to a lean form.

Diet: Diet is crucial to the building up of muscle as well as losing weight. The simple logic to losing weight fast is to keep the energy or food intake less than the daily requirements. This ends up burning up the fat in the body. In essence, the fat deposits in the body are but excess food that has been converted to fat for easy storage.

Exercises: It is very wrong to consider that all exercises lead to building up of muscle tissue. What matters more is how the training is executed. When trying to get rid of the body fat, the wise and effective method is to use low weights and to keep the repetitions high. This helps to increase the activity of the muscle groups and hence burns away the fat in the body.

Water: Most people would claim that water is essential to the functioning of the human body and the more the intake, the better for the person. But there needs to be a balanced approach to this situation as often excess water can get stored as bulky muscle cells and does present a bloated muscle constituent.

Minerals: The minerals in the human body acts in different ways with the diverse set of people. It could be said that the same collection of minerals administered in two separate individuals produce entirely different effects. This has to do with how every individual process and use minerals in the functioning of the body. A mineral imbalance can lead to body weight problems, and every effort must be taken to keep the fine balances intact.

Working Out to a Leaner and Muscular Build

right workout

It is possible to take to an exercise routine that aims at burning away the excess fat in the body and at the same time provide a toning effect to the body structure. It would be the wrong approach to try to build muscle and at the same time loose body fat. The two processes are done with opposing reactions that the sound effect of one negates the other. There are principally three broad areas of focus that someone aiming at acquiring a lean muscle structure must aim at.

Low weights and high repetitions: When high weights are used in the workouts, it is more than the person cannot sustain the exercise for more repetitions. So the most effective workouts are those that use just about enough weights to enable a comfortable 15 reps. The lower body parts, which are muscle groups below the waist, can do with fewer repetitions than the upper body muscles. Just about three or four repetitions lesser.

The frequency of training: Quite unlike the bulking exercises or the muscle building exercises, the leaning out of the muscles are best done when training at least three days in a week. It does have its benefit to sticking to a regular exercise routine as to when to start out the workout and when to complete the exercises. Any missed out sessions must not be compensated with a more strenuous workout on the next gym visit as the general tendency happens to be. This can cause overexertion of the body.

Balancing the cardio workout: In effect, women lose fat when the body burns away more calories than earlier. It would then mean a more strenuous cardio exercise with most people, and this should be avoided. Cardio workouts beyond a certain point can prove to be counterproductive as has been seen in the past instances.

Focus on Eating Right

eating right

Rather than eating what comes along, it is best to be picky as to what to eat. Things like calorie content and nutrient value should take their due precedence. It is easy to say a balanced diet, but here it must be put to the right context of women sportspersons who have unique requirements due to the very nature of their body constitution.

Stock up on the veggies: Green vegetables do bring in a fresh taste to the diet. More importantly, the veggies do stock up on a variety of minerals and vitamins which are hard to find otherwise. The green vegetables are a good affordable source of antioxidants and easy digestible too. Most of the fresh vegetables are rich in fibre content, and this does remove most of the common toxins present in our system.

Use fresh items: Preservatives do contain a large number of additives and chemical components. The general view is to consider what nature has not provided us with; as the non-essential components of the diet. They should be kept to the bare minimum use.

Eat well: This is a very relative term to use for an activity that does depend on the actual sportsperson. The larger built individuals need more nutrients as compared to the slighter builds. The amount of food does depend on the kind of activity that the person does take part on a daily basis too. A lumberjack would need much more food than a lady at the office. It is after all relative.

Using carbohydrates: It would be possible to reduce the most parts of the body fat by completely cutting out the intake of carbohydrates and starch. Some rather innovative diets have been introduced that completely does away with the use of these components of the food.

The right protein: Not all proteins are the same. Meat has a general classification into the white and red variety. The main drawback of the red meat is the high levels of fat content in them, relatively. Moreover, some kinds of proteins are more conducive to the growth of muscle tissue than the other types. Proteins work to repair and keep the body in good working condition. It is, in essence, the most vital component of the sports person’s diet.

Getting the Right Amount of Sleep and Rest

sleep and rest

The more physically active the person is, the more the rest that the person requires. Lack of sufficient rest would act as a slow down feature to a workout. A lot of people and even the full-time sportspersons do not give adequate thought and space for rest in the working day. This could cause fatigue to set in and undermine the efforts being put into the workouts.

It is not always that the women are wholly involved in the muscle building workouts. Most contemporary sportswomen do have active careers which in essence puts the money in the pocket. Thus the amount of rest must be weighed in with the kind of physical activity that the person takes part in. The more active a person turns out to be, the better rested the individual must be too.

What is final about building up lean muscle in women?

First and foremost the ladies who are serious about building lean muscles should be patient for the results to show. A common feature of people taking to intense workouts is the early burn out of the individual. Here a steady flow of exercise is the key to success than a burst of activity.

Unless the lady concerned is confident and knowledgeable in performing the exercises, it would be best to engage a professional trainer who cannot just work out a good routine but also provide evidence-based advice about the dietary aspect as well. The most striking success in the activity is those who have taken to bring in balance to the set of activities.