Guide to Choosing Your Australian Gym, Fitness Studio Or Personal Trainer

Fitness is a flourishing business in Australia. Since an important percentage of the adult population in Australia is overweight, analysts expect the fitness industry to grow by 5% over the next two years. More and more people would try to switch to a more active lifestyle.

Reality TV shows play a very important role in setting such trends, as they are advertisements for gyms, personal trainers and various other fitness services. Surprisingly, television has become one of the biggest motivators for people to get off the couch and buy gym memberships.

As a matter of fact, joining a gym is the best thing you can do if you’re ready to commit to becoming fitter and healthier and to building muscle. If you are a resident of a big city, you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from.

6 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Gym For You

All cities in Australia feature a wide range of gyms to choose from. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, you’ll have an easy time finding at least one gym near you.

1. Location Matters

The closer the gym, the easier it’s going to be for you to check in every day. To boost your chances to use your gym membership, ensure you choose one that’s either close to your home or somewhere on your way to work.

2. Cleanliness Makes All The Difference.

Everybody goes to the gym to sweat at least a little, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, you want to join a gym that’s frequently cleaned and disinfected. Make sure you inspect the restrooms and the showers before signing up for a gym membership.

3. Price And Services Agreement

While there’s nothing wrong with hunting for coupons and special discounts, picking the cheapest offer may not be the wisest choice ever. Before joining a gym, make sure you read the fine print to acknowledge the conditions of your contract. Also, check that there are no hidden fees.

4. Personnel Quality

For best results, you need to ensure you’ll benefit from skilled and experienced personal trainers and seamless customer services.

5. Access

The gym opening hours should fit your own schedule. There are many 24-hour gyms out there. However, some of them may have a lower level of service. Always consider your own needs when you pick the type of gym to join.

6. Facilities And Training Programs

Think about the things you’d like to do at the gym. If you are a body builder, you’ll want free weights and maybe a personal trainer. If you wish to join a gym for some intense cardio workouts, you’ll want cardio equipment such as elliptical exercise bikes, stair steppers and treadmills. If you love swimming, you’ll need to check that the gym of your choice features a swimming pool and maybe a steam room and a sauna to unwind after working out.

Search for a gym that can provide you with everything you need to stick to your workout routine.

If you don’t want to join a gym chain or a major franchise, you can seek smaller, locally-owned gyms in your area. A small gym is a way to go for those who want nothing more than taking a swim or doing some cardio before starting their workday.

On the other hand, joining a well-known fitness group offers some benefits that are hard to overlook. This is why we have included in our articles a wealth of information on all major gyms in your area of residence.

An Overview Of Gyms And Fitness Facilities In Australia


This family-oriented gym chain promotes a welcoming community spirit. It has venues in most cities in Australia.

Jetts 24 Hour Gym

This gym counts almost 200 venues in Australia. The staff is supportive and friendly, and the equipment is well maintained. Cleanliness is at its best in all locations. This makes it a great choice for everyone seeking a basic gym. Nevertheless, serious weight lifters and people willing to join classes will need to look somewhere else.

Snap Fitness 24 Hour Gym

This franchise counts 100 locations all over Australia, so chances are you’re going to find one near you. Beware, though; these gyms are independently owned franchises. This means you may not be able to transfer your membership if you relocate to another city. The venues are rather small, so they may look a bit too busy. However, there’s plenty of cardio equipment, as well as personal trainers available at all locations. The classes structure varies from one place to another, so you’ll want to check with the nearest gym for more details.

Anytime Fitness

Counting an impressive 260 locations, this gym is available in every Australian state and territory. They work on a 24-hour schedule, and they feature all basic equipment and offerings, but they don’t offer classes. They are a bit better than Jetts when it comes to weights and equipment for resistance training.

Plus Fitness 24/7 Gyms

All their 100 locations provide a wide selection of equipment. They get lots of raving reviews from their members. There’s a joining fee, but you can extend your membership to any other Plus Fitness gyms in the country, should you ever need to relocate to another state.

Step into Life

If you prefer exercising outdoors, this is the best you can get in Australia. Their speciality is an outdoor group personal training. This is the best choice for all those who hate sweating in small, busy rooms, together with lots of other people.

Fitness First

For a very long while, this was the indisputable leader of the Australian fitness industry. Even though they are still among the biggest in the country, they have closed some of their clubs.

Goodlife Health Clubs

This chain is currently on a steady growth trend. They took over some of the Fitness First locations, so they now have gyms in five states. They provide good conditions and a wide range of gym equipment and machines.


This is the most popular ‘Ladies Only’ gym in Australia. They offer a generous gym floor space, high-quality equipment and a comprehensive selection of workout opportunities. In addition, the female-only environment suits women who aren’t comfortable with exercising in the presence of male clients.


Their 30-minute circuit for ladies has turned this gym into a major success. Today they count over 10,000 locations.


Just like Curves, Contours grants you access to quick circuit workouts. It is a ladies-only facility.