How to Stop Testosterone From Converting to Estrogen

Know Your Estrogen Levels

All men should know their estrogen levels as their health, emotional well being, appearance and the ability to procreate may depend on it. Men need to know if their levels are too high or too low to know how to stop testosterone from converting to estrogen.

Testosterone and Estrogen

When talking about testosterone it typically deals with men as estrogen usually deals with women. However, estrogen it is very important to men as well. The two are very much a like molecularly, even though they are regarded as different when it comes to human sexual behavior and development.

When merging the two molecules they would look identical except that the testosterone has one extra carbon atom noticeable from its molecular bridgework.

The similarities explain why some men have higher levels of estrogen. It makes it quite easy for aromatase enzymes to slice away that extra carbon atom converting testosterone into estrogen.

It can actually be good as men need some levels of estrogen as it affects their health. When the estrogen levels are high it alerts the testicles through the pituitary to send testicular workers back and cuts the production of testosterone for the day.

The problem of too much estrogen is experienced by both men and women. So, to answer the question, do men have estrogen, the answer would be, yes. Men also produce estrogen and the levels can become depressed or elevated.

The research seems to focus on how testosterone affects men and how estrogen affects women. We now know that estrogen plays an important role for men regarding brain function, sexual function, bone health, cholesterol regulation, testosterone regulation and skin health.

High Estrogen Symptoms

Typically, estrogen and testosterone maintain the right balance in men. However, when estrogen levels increase it decreases levels of testosterone so symptoms occur related to high levels estrogen and low levels of testosterone. It now makes it hard to determine which is actually the problem, high estrogen or low testosterone.

What does estrogen in men do? Symptoms of high estrogen levels in men would be:

  • Low libido, decreased erectile function, decreased morning erections, sexual dysfunction
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Fatigue
  • Breast enlargement
  • Lower urinary tract issues
  • Increased abdominal fat

Looking at the above issues caused by high levels of estrogen, you can see there are some high risk problems such as type 2 diabetes. It can also increase risk for autoimmune diseases and prostate cancer. So how to stop testosterone from converting to estrogen is a great question.

Causes of High Estrogen Symptoms

The following factors can affect the balance of testosterone/estrogen in men that lead to high level estrogen symptoms. They include:

Aging. Aging is associated with increased aromatase, which is an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Aging men actually have higher estrogen levels than women that are postmenopausal.

Fat to Muscle Ratio. Also with aging you lose lean muscle tissue and have an increase in fat tissue. The fat tissue contains aromatase converting testosterone into estrogen. Fat can also become a reservoir for estradiol storage. Both factors can lead to an increase in estrogen levels in men.

Testosterone Therapy. Men can make too much estrogen when treated with inject able forms of testosterone. Even natural testosterone therapy such as bioidentical can increase levels of estrogen especially when used for obesity or in excess.

Inaccurate Feedback. Men can get an inaccurate feedback, misleading the testes and brain into a lesser production of testosterone. This in turn can cause even higher levels of estrogen and more serious dominance of estrogen.

Deficiency in Estrogen

Men can also have symptoms from too little estrogen. Some of them are the same as those from too much estrogen. The role of estrogen is to regulate body fat and sexual function in men. When men are deficient in estrogen it is most displayed with their sexual desire. They tend to have a decline in erectile dysfunction and arousal. Men that are deficient in estrogen tend to have higher levels of inner abdominal fat which is known to increase the risk metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also they may experience a decrease in bone strength and are at risk for fractures.

How to Stop Testosterone from Converting to Estrogen

Most importantly, the hormonal balance of testosterone with estrogen is the key, rather than just focusing on the levels of estrogen alone. There are many natural therapies along with diet and lifestyle that can help balance these hormones in men. Below are some treatments on how to lower estrogen levels and keep the balance healthy.

Eat vegetables several times a week. Cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnip greens and bok choy have high amounts of glucosinolates which transforms into bioactive compounds to decrease the activity of estrogen and increase the detoxification of estrogen.

Use supplements. To get your requirement of cruciferous vegetables, you can take the most beneficial compounds, I3C at least 200mg daily and DIM 100mg daily in supplement form.

Vitamin B12. Be mindful to get enough B12, choline, betaine and folate to improve the biochemical process known as methylation. This is an important function in detoxification and estrogen metabolism. You can also find these important nutrients in food sources such as beets, fish, quinoa, shellfish, meat, spinach and eggs.

Reduce weight, increase fiber and exercise. These are also important natural ways for decreasing high estrogen levels and symptoms in men.

Hopefully by following these treatments of how to stop testosterone from converting to estrogen, you will eliminate any symptoms from high levels of estrogen. However, if following these natural therapies does not help, you should see you healthcare provider for some other options.